7 Stunning Book Cover Illustrations for Your Next Inspiration

Creating a book cover illustration needs a deep understanding to the story, the characters, the setting, and a great imagination. And sometimes, we need an inspiration to start forming this ‘imagination’ in our head. So, we’ve surfed the internet and come up with a list of great book illustration that can tickles your inner creativity and spark ideas.

Tokyo on Foot

image by canva

Florent Chavouet, the designer, knows how to represent the ‘colorful’ aspect of Tokyo that the book underlines. The comical style also fits perfectly with the fun theme of this book, makes this book cover illustration nailed the job.

Treasure Island

image by canva

The book cover illustration shows the adventurous journey part rather the physical form of the island. This is a great decision made by Bomboland design studio. Lesson learned: You don’t have to make illustration based on the book title only, but lifting up the thrilling part of the story is the key.

The Boy Who Never Sleep and Never Had to

image by canva

This is genius. It may looks pretty simple but the childish illustration on a school book enough to implicitly tell the exciting part of the story: the boy’s imagination. Helen Yentus, the designer of this book cover illustration, tell us that simplicity and dimension can bring a refreshing air to the design.

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Nobody is Ever Missing

image by canva

The novel by Catherine Lacey tells us the story about a girl that struggles with her life. And the drowning girl illustration is just a right way to show it. Such a great work from Charlotte Strick.

105 Ways to Prepare Peanuts for Human Consumption

image by canva

The book by George Washington Carver is definitely not a novel. It’s a ‘heavy’ science book, not a kind of your Friday night light reads. But Luke Bott amazingly changes its vibe to a fun and more ‘readable’ one. Always remember that the book cover illustration is what makes people buy your book or not.

The Busker

image by fromupnorth

The book cover illustration boldly gives us a clue: it’s a musical story. It may seems pretty simple, but brightly straight forward. Such an artwork from British illustrator, Leo Nickolls.

Gulliver Travels

image by fromupnorth

Levente Szabó make the unique aspect of the story, the ‘giants’, as the main idea. And it doesn’t mean he have to draw the exact giant on the cover. The size difference of creatures in this book cover illustration is enough to do it. It even tickles people’ imagination when they look at it (including me!).

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What do you think of these book cover illustrations? Tell us your favorite by leaving a comment down below. And if you heart these book cover illustrations, hit the share button!

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