Apple Seriously Wanted to Keep Your Pizza Fresh so They Designed a New Pizza Box

You may know Apple for bringing the iPhone, iPad and iPod into your life. But in case you don’t know, the company’s capable of bringing you pretty much anything – including a pizza box that will keep your pizza from getting soggy.

Apple recently opened up its brand new campus and Wired, which has got the chance to visit it, found the interesting invention at the cafeteria. The pizza container, better called a pizza circle than a pizza box, seems to be sized for personal pizza. It has a series of holes in the lid through which heat and moisture can escape, so the sogginess in the crust can be avoided.

However, the Apple pizza box isn’t exactly a new thing. The computer giant apparently thought the container was so revolutionary they applied for a patent on the design seven years ago, with head of Apple’s food service department Francesco Longoni listed as one of the inventors.

The container has been used at Apple’s existing campuses for years. One photo taken back in 2013 showed one of the containers signed by Apple employees following Steve jobs’ death.

The pizza box is hardly Apple’s first time designing storage. Last year, they patented the design of a paper bag “formed of white paper with a t least 60% post-consumer content.”

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