‘Bon Appetit’ Music Video Reveals the Twisted Side of Katy Perry

Meanwhile Miley Cyrus and Niall Horan draws positive feedbacks for their new released song, ‘Malibu’ and ‘Slow Hands’, Katy Perry shocks the mass with her ‘disturbing’ latest song,’Bon Appetit’. Her newly released song also comes with a music video that is pretty unusual with a hint of cannibalism in it. So, is this her truly self?

Katy Perry’s music has always been a hit. From ‘Firework’ to ‘Roar’, all of her lyrics and beats successfully mesmerized her worldwide fans by topping the Billboard 100 chart and dominate the charts in 16 countries. And now, she planned to do it again with ‘Bon Appetit’. The music talks about how Katy Perry is being served like a buffet on a table, just like a dish to taste. And the music video is bringing the strong visualization of it. By strong I mean includes cutting her hair like vegetables and strange treatment to her body, as if she is a dough.

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The concept is unique, striking, and original. But sadly, not everyone can cope with this unusual idea. The music video directed by Dent De Cuir automatically went viral and draws controversial feedbacks.

“Katy wtf is wrong with u?? I don’t like this one” – Winie Narain (@winie_narain) May 19, 2017

@bryanschneck weird video” – Alexandra (@a_licat) May 19, 2017

@leighannawest this music video is frightening” – Paige Wester (@p_west_) May 18, 2017

What do you think of Katy Perry’s new music video? Does it look like ‘promoting cannibalism’ to you? Drop a comment and share!

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