Creative Talk: Lenny Wen, An Indonesian Fantasy Illustrator

Since a child, Lenny has done many works of art. She also has interest in literature and movies, which lately, she falls deeper in illustration world. Currently, beside of her personal works, most of her works are embossed on children books.

Hi, how do you do?

How do you do. I am doing well, thank you!

We have taken a visit to your page and see your works. It’s awesome. Where do the idea of your works come from? Is there any strong influencer? You can tell the story.

Thank you. My idea comes from anywhere. Movies, comic books, children’s books, novels, musics, photos (Pinterest and photographer’s social media are best resources), another artist’s works or only any spontaneous thought. I also get lots of influences especially from other artists such as Kei Acedera, Sam Nielson, Charles Santoso, Chris Riddell, and etc.


We see the humor, emotion and spooky characteristics in most of your artwork, is there any particular reason?

I like pictures which tell stories. Because, without emotions, there will be no story. I also like pictures with good sense of humor and also a bit spooky illustrations.

Which one is your most favorite work? Tell me more about it

I enjoy most of my works, so it’s hard to tell. Maybe an upcoming children’s book which will publish probably end of this year or beginning of next year.

Wow! Can’t wait to know it’s released! We’ve just read your biography and your favourite genre to draw is fantasy, is there any reason?

Actually I like to draw/paint in lots of genre but fantasy is a genre which require more imagination and less shackled by many boundaries, so I like it.


What do you think about visual art development in the future?

I think the visual art development will be more and more crazy in the future because people and technology are keep improving.


Do you think internet can help visual artists/designers/illustrator to have professions they want to?

Sure, without any doubt. But with internet people can also lost their professions, so it depends how we use it.


What is “freelance” on your viewpoint?

Freelance means no income before you finish a project, freelance means you don’t have stable incomes and regular holiday or working time. But freelance means you challenge yourself to become the manager, worker, marketing of your own.


How do you think about creative industry and its development?

I think the creative industry, especially in Indonesia, is keep going forward and improving to be more chances and recognition for creative industry.


Do you have any plan in the near time? You may tell about it.

I wish, I can produce my own children’s story book but right now and my focus is keep improving and get more recognition before I create my own product.

Will you suggest gaekon to your fellows ?

Yes sure I will suggest to my fellows

Any words for us and our readers?

Work hard and keep improving!


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