Creative Talk: Toro Elmar, A “Punk” Visual Artist in Indonesia

Visual art is currently growing faster than anyone’s thought. The artists and/or designers figure some ways to survive the days. Technology comes to be an emerge thing in the today’s work, especially the internet.

Toro Elmar appears as one of “punk” artist in the internet. Showing his works sporadically and constantly on his website and some of his social media accounts. It helps him grow the reputation and his name is easier to find on Google.

Hi, how do you do?
We have taken a visit to your page and see your works. It’s awesome. Where do the idea of your works come from? Is there any strong influencer?

All good! My idea comes from anything around me. It could be the situation right now in society, my personal experience and thoughts towards everything, as long as it’s telling a story.
I have got too many influences, they could come from the movie, comic, or even photographer’s works.

We have seen your work for Bleuviral. Is there any specific view do you want to deliver in your work?

My works always tend to deliver any story, any meaning, or sometimes “trying” to provoking your thoughts.

What do you think about visual art development in the future?

I think it all will be stepped into digitized. I am not saying that traditional art is going to die soon. But, I think artist will find a way or trying to do digital in the future. Either it is on how you do the art, or how you publish and promoting art.

Do you think internet can help visual artists/designers to have professions they want to?

Totally. But along the way I learn it, you need to keep creating, if you just stop for a month everyone will forget. Consistency is a must.


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What is “freelance” on your viewpoint?

Someone who is not tied to any contracts with company or corporation. Haha.

Toro Elmar’s work on his Instagram

So basic, but agree to your words. LOL
How do you think about creative industry and its development?

Almost no idea about this, since it has been a big topic. But, in term of freelancing, I think we need some kind of union to protect our works or defending our rights. Since we all know, in Indonesia, there are only few people who commit to full time freelance since there is no stable income (because, the clients are late to pay. LOL).

Do you have any plan in the near time?

Not now. Still thinking to continue my delay projects though.

Hm… mysterious.
Any words for us and our readers?

Keep making. Anything!



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