Gaekon tutorial Series: Use Grain Effect in Adobe Illustrator to Make Vintage Illustration

Adding grainy textures is one thing you can do to create a vintage-style drawing. Now, I’m going to show you how to use the grain effect to “retrofy” an object in Adobe Illustrator.

Remember that you can make any drawing look old with this technique. But I here choose an image of a Batmobile. Now, pick or draw your own picture, bring it over to Adobe Illustration and let’s begin the tutorial.

1. Draw the Batmobile

Using the Pen Tool, I draw a batmobile from scratch. To save my time, I draw only half of the vehicle, like you see in the picture below.

I then select the drawing and duplicate it.

Then go to Object > Transform > Reflect. Now, bring the two objects close to each other and combine them. Afterwards, you can add colors to the Batmobile. (I go with gray for the body)

2. Add the Grainy Texture

Now make a copy of the Batmobile sans all the details.

Then fill the duplicate with a black-and-white gradient. With the gradient selected, go to Effect > Texture > Grain. Adjust the Intensity and Contrast however you please, until you’re happy with the result. For the Grain Types, I go with Stippled.

Afterwards, place the grainy Batmobile on top of the original Batmobile. In the blending mode, choose Multiply.

3. Put Finishing Touches

You can press G on your keyboard to readjust the gradient. For me, I want the back side of the Batmobile to be darker than the other parts of the car, so I bring the pointer to the area near the windshield and drag it horizontally.

To make the drawing more awesome, give it details like shadows and a background.


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