Harry styles ‘Sign of the Time’ is Just Released and It’s Already Tops the Charts

After Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson started their solo career, Harry Styles follows his fellow bandmates step with releasing his debut solo single ‘Sign of the Time’ back in April 7, 2017. Unlike the common 3-minutes songs, ‘Sign of the Time’ is a six-minutes-rocking-ballad-show that no one expected. And yet, it successfully gives Harry Styles a good seat in singles chart.

We don’t know what Harry Styles up to, but six-minutes runtime is obviously not our daily dose of music. But surprisingly, the Dunkirk star has done an amazing job in making it sounds very emotional. The song brings in a clear hint of rock, a vivid influence of Pink Floyd, and amplified by Harry’s irresistible hoarse voice. Even though the music video to this song hasn’t been released, you’ll get lost in the music itself and forget that you already spend six-minutes to listen to one song only.

The marvelous combination invites 17,980,742 Youtube streams and over 1 million likes. A lot of positive comments are thrown for this Harry Styles’ debut single.

“This song is so inspiring. Harry Styles really has done something special and let go of the trends to create something with pure emotion, true artistry. It inspired me to do a edit J. I think this genre of music sometimes doesn’t get attention it deserves. Who agrees?” – Gerard “ZAZU” Maxwell (Youtube user), April 13, 2017.

“I’m glad he went solo. TBH I didn’t like One Direction songs and this is an improvement!” – Alyssa Ashmore (Youtube user), April 13, 2017.

Harry Styles’ ‘Sign of the Times’ currently successfully securing the 5th position in Billboard Social 50 Chart just after 6 days of its released date (plus a glitch happened on Spotify). He is predicted to be the man that will take over Ed Sheeran’s 13 weeks dominance on Singles Chart with Shape of You. With only 8,000 copies of selling gap, it’s sounds not impossible for the One Direction member to take on his friend’s record. Will he succeed? Write down you comment about this on the box below. And don’t forget to share! (zlf/gaekon)

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