Here’s the Story behind Walt Disney Pictures Logo Design

Who doesn’t know Walt Disney’s logo design? The castle, the fireworks… It’s become a legend that almost every single person in the world would easily recognize. But do you know that the logo design has the hidden real-life story of Walt Disney behind it?

Do you notice the river that always shown in every Walt Disney logo design? Actually, it’s a real river you can find in Lewiston, Idaho, United States. What’s more, the river you seen on the logo actually represent the river where Walt and Lillian Disney first met! Lillian Bounds (before she turned into Lillian Disney) was a pretty woman that came from Spalding, Idaho, United States. She moved to Lewiston for her career in Disney Studio as a secretary. And that’s how she met Walt Disney that later known to be his husband, since July 13, 1925.

While the river shows Walt’s romantic side, the castle represents the success of his artworks. The castle you seen on the logo design is actually the famous Cinderella castle. Since Cinderella debut back in 1950, Disney decided to make a massive changes based on the story. So he added Cinderella’s castle to support the typography and a curved shooting star above to show the imaginative universe of Walt Disney Pictures.

Walt Disney logo design, that we all know, is a combination of castle illustration, curved sparks, and unique typography of the company name – ‘Walt Disney Pictures’. The company that started out its business since 1985 and is doing a good job in maintaining the sweet history behind their logo design. It doesn’t have major visual changes during its evolution years (until now). Instead of ‘changing the concept’ of the logo, Walt Disney’s creatives decided that the logo must ‘adapt to the concept’. You can see it clearly in Planes (2013), Inspector Gadget (1999), Into the Woods (2014), and Tron Legacy (2010). Each movie shows a different kind of Walt Disney logo, compared to the original, like the one showed in The Black Cauldron (1985).

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