How to Get Rid of Crayon Stains on Walls in Just 2 Steps

Do you have any kids around in the house that just happen to be too creative? We know that their crayon painting stains on the walls could give you a massive headache. So, we come up with an easy trick to shed the crayon stains off the wall. All just in 2 simple steps.

You won’t need any expensive and complex tools to do this. Just prepare a hair dryer, enough supply of electricity, a crayon stained wall, and a dried unused fabric. When all these are set, we can start to do the trick.

Blow the Hot Air

Crayon is basically a colored wax. And wax could be lifted easily without any mark when it’s fully dried. Make use of your hair dryer by using to blow hot air to the crayon stains on the wall. Make sure to blow it to every centimeter of the crayon stains. Keep doing it for about 5 minutes until the wax on the wall is completely hardened and ready to be removed.

Cleanse It!

Now, the stains are ready to be wiped off from the wall! Grab a dry and clean unused fabric. Rub it to the crayon stains you wished to remove. See the crayon stains completely cracked from the wall and stick to the fabric. You don’t need water or any chemical liquid. Any liquid applied to the surface only makes the stains wet and the stain will get worse as you rub against it (watch how hot water could melt a crayon).

Have you tried to remove a crayon stains on your walls? How was your effort compared to this smart trick? Let us know your thoughts and stories by leaving a comment on the box below. We’d love to read it, as always.

With tricks, wiping off stains is not as hard as it looks. (zlf/gaekon)

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