Know the Right Invitation Card Size for Your Event

Your event is coming up and now you’re fumbled with your invitation card. There’s a lot to decide, such as the design, the material, and the size. You may think that your invitation card size doesn’t really matter. But actually, it is. A small 3” x 3” invitation card size would not match the luxurious concept of Grammy Award. And on the other hand, big, classy invitation is definitely not an option for your little sis’ birthday. So, let me show you the appropriate invitation sizes for every occasion.

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For High-End Events

High-end events usually come with a luxurious vibe – expensive decoration, formal dress code, and serious talks. So, it’s better to go with a rather big invitation card sizes. Big shapes indicate seriousness and mature vibes. Wedding, award nights, and graduation party are the examples of these kinds of event. If you wanted to stay simple and use a one-page invitation, then 5” x 7” invitation card size is the best choice. You can also use foldable ones that measured 7” x 5”, 8.5” x 6”, and 10” x 7”. Each of it can be folded to 3.5” x 5”, 4.25” x 6”, and 5” x 7”.

For Informal Events

For informal events, such as birthdays, you can use a rather smaller invitation card size.  The common measurements used by people are 3.5” x 5”, 4” x 6” and 4.25″ x 6″. The smallest size, 3.5” x 5”, is often used as a reply card for RSPV cards (learn more about RSPV cards) but it doesn’t mean you can make it as your event invitation card. If anything, it can make your invitation looks fun and represent the vibrant vibe of your event. Meanwhile, the other two sizes are commonly used for the christening, birthdays, and any other informal events, like Australian Day breakfast event.

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However, these invitation card sizes are the common ones used by people. You don’t have to stick with it. You can decide on your own measurements that matched with your event’s theme and invitation design. If you need some help with it, you can reach out to the Gaekoners. They are a talented graphic designer and branding expert that you can find online at Crafting a great invitation card is one of their specialties too. Not just designing, they also use theories, artistic views, and experience in making your desired invitation come true. My friend is an event organizer, and he already worked with them several times to handle the invitation for his projects. I must admit, the results were incredible. I suggest you try it.

So, have you find the exact invitation card size for your event? Tell us the detail on the comment box below. And if you heart this article, click on the share button!

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