Miley Cyrus is Being Feminine Again in ‘Malibu’ Because of Liam Hemsworth

Still remember Miley Cyrus ‘the twerking queen’? It looks like the title must be stripped down from the brunette singer. After 2 years of absence, she finally released her new song, ‘Malibu’. What shocking is, she acts as feminine and girly as she was before ‘Wrecking Ball’. What’s happening?

miley cyrus new song malibu 2017
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Malibu’ itself spread a different kind of vibe from Miley previous ‘daring’ songs. It feels softer and touchy, just like the common romantic songs. The 24 years old singer sounds very calm as she freshly smiled while singing along the lyrics, ‘we watched the sun go down as we were walking, I’d spend the rest of my life just standing here talking’. She also looks undeniably feminine on ‘Malibu’ music video as she wears a white lace outfit, natural makeup, and accompanied by numbers of floating colorful balloons.

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miley cyrus new song malibu 2017 - gaekon blog
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A lot of people speculated that Miley Cyrus’ sudden change is the result of her reunited relationship with Liam Hemsworth. The couple looks so close and happy after their break up drama back in 2013. Both Miley and Liam posts a snap of their happy time together on their official Instagram account. And that includes their sweet Christmas moment, Miley’s birthday, and a happy moment of Liam, Miley and her mother together. It’s getting clearer that Malibu is all about their love story when the camera focused on Miley’s engagement ring for a brief few seconds on the music video. How sweet!

You can stream on ‘Malibu’ directly from Youtube or get it on iTunes. Do you like Miley fresh appearance on ‘Malibu’? Drop your comment about this and share!

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