Niall Horan’s New Single ‘Slow Hands’ Finally Released! Is It Good?

Dear directioners and Horan fanatics, now you can all die happily. Because Niall Horan’s second single is finally released! ‘Slow Hands’ was released in 4th May 2017, and it’s rumored to be a better masterpiece than ‘This Town’. So, how good it is actually?

To compare the two of Niall’s single seems a bit unfair, because ‘Slow Hands’ and ‘This Town’ is basically a complete different taste of music. ‘This Town’ is sweet, deep, and portrays the romantic side of Niall perfectly through its lyrics and acoustic melody. In the other hand, ‘Slow Hands’ reveals the funkier and edgier Niall. Such a totally different aura.

Niall started to sing with a sexy line, “We should take this back to my place”. And it’s a prominent hint that the rest of the song would be intimate. It also boosted with the slow funky guitar plays in the background that successfully sets the mood. But Niall’s angelic voice plays the main role in making the entire song sounds amazing.

The surprising vibe of ‘Slow Hands’ successfully brings the song to the top of Billboard + Twitter Trending Top 140 charts, only a day after it’s been released (Wow!). 18 hours after it’s been released, ‘Slow Hands’ already got 1 Million views on YouTube. And, a massive pool of positive feedbacks.

“The most underrated 1D member released the best song out of all of them! This is a BOP!” – Keshi Tony (Youtube user) May 5, 2017

“Didn’t expect this kind of vibe. Keep it up Niall” – DanishFred (Youtube user) May 5, 2017

“Prepare to hear this song on radio everyday” – IscoOmar (Youtube user) May 5, 2017

And a personal compliment from his best friend, Liam Payne.

“Wow! Niall sick tune mate” – LiamPayneVEVO (Youtube user) May 5, 2017

What do you think of Niall’s new single? Do you like heart it or hate it? Drop a comment and share the news!(zlf/gakon)

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