Nokia’s Old Phones Are Still Popular as Sex Toys

In this era when everyone’s vying for the latest and the most sophisticated smartphones, is there anyone who still wants “dumb phones” like the ones Nokia launched nearly two decades ago? While you probably don’t want anything to do anymore with the old Nokia phones, a bunch of ladies in India still do, according to a survey by Agents of Ishq.

The survey was conducted recently by the website to find out the masturbation habist of women. Featuring 100 participants, it shows that phones like Nokia 3310 are still very popular among a significant number of women, who surprisingly turn the devices into vibrators due to their infamous strong vibration function.

The unexpected use of the older Nokia phones is understandable, because vibrators aren’t very easy to find in India. The survey also says that in addition to phones, many women in the country use toothbrushes and bottles for masturbations.

Nokia 3310 has been quite popular as a vibrator. Way before the survey was done, numerous people had raved about the device on social media. “Nokia 3310 as vibrator. Because improvisation,” one wrote in a tweet sent out back in 2014. “I know a woman who used her Nokia 3310 as a Vibrator. It does a much better job,” another tweeted last year.

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