Someone Drills Holes in iPhones to Turn Them Into Expensive Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners have been taking the world by storm. So it’s completely understandable if you’ve already had the toy in every color and design. And if you think there’s nothing else you can add to your collection, you’re wrong.

A YouTuber who goes by EverythingApplePro recently made some fidget spinners out of some different iPhones 7. No, they’re not broken iPhones. All of them worked perfectly before getting “tortured.”

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In a video he uploaded over the weekend, the YouTuber showed his subscribers how he drilled a hole in each of the smartphones and added a ball bearing. Oh, if you plan to make one yourself, don’t forget to take the lithium-ion battery out of your phone first or else it would explode.

The result? As seen in the video, the iPhone fidget spinners could rotate freely, almost as well as the original spinners. But do you really want to turn a $700 phone into something you can buy for only $5?

EverythingApplePro actually isn’t the first YouTuber who has created fidget spinners out of expensive gadgets. Previously, fellow YouTuber Dylan Kowalski also made his version of the toy from an iPhone. But he made it out of a broken iPhone 5S, and he cut the device in half first.

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