Startup 101: Extremely Potential Business Ideas to Run in a Small Town

Don’t let your hopes down just because you’re living in a rural area where business will mostly fail. The rural area can be a great place to run a business too. You just need to pay more attention to your surrounding and connects the dots with the current needs. To help you out, we have some great business ideas to run in a small town. Here you go.

Organic Foods Supplier

One thing that differs small towns from cities is their nature. It’s nearly impossible nowadays to find organic foods to consume in the city. You can fill in the needs by produce it right from your backyard and send it all the way to the city. You might want to read the Steps to Become an Organic Farmer, learn more about Organic Certification and How to Get It (in USA).

Niche Food Shop

You might find a lot of food shops in small town and think that this business idea is no good at all. So, why don’t you specialized yourself in something? Try to open a specialty food shop such as cheese-based, non-diary based, and chocolate-based foods. This business idea can be pretty attractive and actually can lure customers from other towns too. Don’t hesitate to do it, because actually, niche business idea has a lot of advantages than the common ones.

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Bed & Breakfast

If your town has some famous nature tourism spots, then it’s a good idea to open a bed and breakfast business. You can host foreign or domestic visitors, provide them meals, and give them information about the town. If you afraid to compete with big and luxurious hotels in your town, you can target the budget travelers by offering an affordable accommodation and meals. You can promote yourself in travel websites like Airbnb, Traveloka and Couchsurfing.

Invitation Design & Printing

Every event, no matter how small or big it is, always needs an invitation. You can make this timeless opportunity to get more money. There are countless opportunities in a small town for this business idea such as christening, your neighbor’s kid birthday, school’s farewell party, graduation party, wedding, and etc. And this business idea will be much better if you can put some creative touch in it. Example: make it handwritten in gold tint. You can even make it online just like Anne Robin and reach out to a much larger market. And the shortcut to it is by signing up (for free!) at as a designer. There are a lot of invitation design gigs in there that you can enter. You can get your business noticed, increase your monthly income, and shape up your designing skill. What can be better?

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