Startup 101: How to Build a Startup Company from Scratch in 7 Steps

Your head may be filled with crazy innovative ideas that make you can’t restrain yourself anymore to launch your own startup. But careless moves will make you end up broke and failed (which we really like to avoid). After understanding the definition of a startup, you can follow these guide points to build your own startup company right from the scratch. Let’s see.

Something that People Miss

A startup aims to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed, according to Neil Blumenthal. So stop looking for common things, and start paying attention to problems. When there’s one, twist your brain to solve it. Need tips? You can find it right here.

Design Initial Prototype and Do the Test

When you already have your solution, try to design its physical form (prototype) and do the initial test to a number of people (learn about the practical details right here). You are not expected to be 100% succeed on the first try. Thomas Alfa Edison failed for more than 1000 times. So, don’t give up.

Choose the Right Name

It can be personal, an initial, and above all, it should reflect you and your idea. The thing is, I know how frustrating and tiring the process will be. I’ve been through the same struggle when I decided the name for my last project in 2014. So, based on that experience and some nice advice from pros, I craft a guide on How to Choose the Right Name for Your Startup.

Look For a Partner

Building a startup is never been easy. There are many obstacles and things we haven’t learned before. Having a smart partner in our side will bring a huge advantage in getting through them all. But you can’t just pick somebody to be your partner. There are specific characteristic and condition of being a partner you must notice.

Craft a Meaningful Logo

You’ll need a timeless logo. The one that will look good on your website, web banner, and company’s uniform. Design plays a huge role over here. So logo inspiration is the main key.

Make Sure You Are Financially Strong

I have been there. Times when I was so eager to start my project and think that $120 lack of funds was not a big deal – until I have to shut it down. My suggestion: Hold down your burning desire to launch your startup until you can find a strong funding (Learn how to get funds for your startup).

You Are Ready to Launch

After going through 6 tiring steps, you can build the first final version of your product. When it’s done, you are ready to release it to the market.

Have you tried to do these steps? Write down your thoughts about it on the comment box below. Don’t forget to share too!


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