Startup 101: Knowing the True Impact of a Logo to Your Startup

Will it be a disaster if a business doesn’t comes with a logo? Well, sadly, the answer is yes. Whether it’s a monochrome, flat, or 3D, a logo is one of the core things that make a business, business. So, if you think you can launch your startup right away without a perfect logo, think again. Because things that a logo can do to your startup might actually surprise you. Let me show you.

Shortcut to Recognize You

How do you recognize someone? From their visual appearance and voice, right? So do for startups. Customer must be able to recognize you the moment they hear your startup name and see your startup logo. Imagine if Apple has no visual symbol that people can refer to. People would say, “I just bought a thin silver phone with simple interface and exclusive touch.” Imagine if people just need to point on the bitten-apple logo instead of describing that long. Your brand will be much easier to be remembered. Just like what Steve Jobs said, “The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing.”

Creating Perceptions

Color and shape, that makes a logo, could magically stir up an emotion and create an opinion inside people’s head. You can drive people to feel something towards your brand. Do you want to make people think your service is fun? Trustable? Exclusive? Powerful? You can also affect consumer’s decisions in consuming things. Your startup logo is completely able to do it. According to the Journal of Consumer Research, “a brand logo is powerful enough to affect perceptions of the attributes of a product or a company.”

Describe Yourself

Besides recognition and perception control, a logo can also become an effective communication medium between you and the mass. You can express your startup vision, image, and even your startup brief history trough the logo design. Walt Disney, Audi, and Starbucks are the kind of logo with unique background story. When people understand you, then loving your brand is just a matter of time.

One of the best places to get a logo designed perfectly is I don’t know what others think but this is my honest opinion. The reason? The system is very simple, easy to understand, and fast. I just need 14 days to get the design I wanted in my hand. Second, the designers are extremely talented. I wish, and they make it alive. I don’t know how their hands do that, but I know that it’s because of their pro skills and immeasurable experiences. I was happy with it. And I’m sure you’ll too.

When you already find a logo concept of your startup, follow the smart guides to design the right logo for your startup. I’m sure you don’t want to replay Kentucky’s police logo failure drama, right? Let us know what’s your take on this article by leaving a comment on the box below. And, don’t forget to share!(zlf/gaekon)

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