Startup 101: Smart Guides to Design the Right Logo for Your Startup

Logo is a long term investment (aside of your startup name) that you should consider very seriously. It’s no secret that countless entrepreneurs stuck with a lame logo and end up spend too many on it. The great news is, we can show you the guide to find the exact logo for your startup that extremely worth of your money. So let’s begin.

Simple and Memorable

Nothing beats these two criteria. A logo that made of simple shapes is much easier to memorize. Jonah Berger, a notable book author, literally recommends to make a logo much simpler. He also adds that “The easier it is to process things, the more we like those things”. And people’s brain would automatically refer to your brand every time they talked about your business category.

Investing in quality design

As I mentioned before, your startup logo is investment. And there’s no free investment. If you want to make it a good investment, look for a great designer to work with and be brave spend your money. I’m not telling to waste $ 8,000 like Vancouver government did (And it was a big disappointment. Curious? Read more). To avoid such thing, I strongly advise you to work with Gaekoners. When you shoot your wish, several designers will work for you. And you just have to pay for one that you love the most. Their works are professional and surprisingly affordable. Logo investment has never been this easy.

Doesn’t need to say what company does

The Mercedes logo isn’t a car. The Virgin Atlantic logo isn’t an aeroplane. The Apple logo isn’t a computer”. David Airey wants to say to you that a logo isn’t obligated to tell the world what you do. It’s just an emblem to represent your unique self. So, you must realize by now that there are loads of ideas waiting for you to explore.

Trends come and go, find the one which timeless

Following the trend when you make a logo is like throwing a boomerang, hard. At first, it may look outstanding as it flows with the current graphic design trends (Find out the 2017 trend). But in a year or two, it will look like an old fashioned skirt that no one would like to wear. See how disastrous it is? To save yourself from nightmare, it’s better to go with timeless design that only use no more than 3 colors in it. Nike’s swoosh and Apple is a great real example – it’s either black or white.

Something original

Originality will make you stand out in the crowd – no doubt. It doesn’t have to be complex. Steve Jobs makes something original from ‘a bitten apple’. You can find your original logo even from the simplest thing near you. Aside of the hardships that may follows, you should find your startup an original logo. According to Inkbot Design, “If your logo design looks like every other small businesses’ branding, you’re not communicating your unique value proposition.”

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