This Phone Case That Doubles as Portable Coffee Maker Is Everyone’s Dream Coming True

When you wake up late in the morning, you may not have enough time to sip a cup of your favorite coffee. But if you’re the type of person who hardly forgets your phone no matter how late you are, here’s a solution for you.

The Mokase is a heat-proof phone case that doubles as a portable coffee maker. The case holds certain amount of beans and water which will be enough to make a delicious little cup of coffee. By pressing a button on the Mokase app, a hole in the case will open and your warm coffee will flow from it to your cup.

The phone case-slash-coffee maker came from the folks at Naples-based company Smart K. Of the product, they explained, “Mokase is the first multi-ultility cover that supplies espresso coffee wherever and wherever you want with a simple system of disposable water, that makes your smartphone unique. It will have surely happened that you wish for a good cup of coffee, but have no time to stop at the usual bar.”

“Imagine to be in a means of transport leading to work, or while you’re going to pick up your children after school, in the middle of a working meeting, in short into one of the many frenetic moments of the day. It’s this wish that pushed us to think about a system to obtain our coffee. We thought, ‘How to make it always available? Why not joint it to a gadget that is already a piece of our lifetime?’ The smartphone is the answer.”

The case has several versions that can fit iPhones, Samsungs and some other smartphone brands. Each case comes with a special pop-up cup which can be used as a key ring.

What do you think of the invention? Will you want to buy one for yourself? The item will be available for pre-order soon and is expected to go on sale at around $87.

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