What You Really Need to Do to Create an Outstanding Book Cover Design

We judge the book by its cover – that’s the matter of fact. Book offers a synopsis for us to read. But how many times do we actually read it? The visual sells the most. And these design tips can help you a lot.

Read the Book

Obviously. As much as you hate reading, designing a book cover requires you to understand what you’re going to visualize. You wouldn’t want to mistake harlequin novels as kindergarten tales, right? If you’re not much of a reader and want to puke on the sight of 500 pages novel, just read the synopsis. The point is, don’t ever think to skip this step.

Make a Concept

After you’re done reading, craft a concept inside your head. Make sure that the book cover concept is; 1) involving the story main ideas; 2) original; and 3) plays as a visual perception of the whole story. You can take your time to make the design concept. You may share your ideas with your pals to get the feedbacks that could improve your concept.

Craft a Symbol

An original, unique symbol is a strong weapon to represent the story of the book silently. And a lot of authors are using it on their cover design, such as Clown Girl by Monica Drake and The Crow’s Vow by Susan Briscoe. But don’t ever think to use clipart or licensed images. Remember, craft your own. Make it unique.

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Set the Mood

Is the story thrilling, gloomy, adventurous or humorous? You need to synchronize your book cover design with the story inside. It’s a fundamental rule. My tips: get updated with the trending style. You can use colorful smoke to generate a wild and young excitement, duotones to visualize a contrast aspect of the story, or any other trending styles. You’re free to explore it.

Pay Attention to Fonts

Last but not least, the fonts. It’s crucial actually. You must calculate the composition and synchronize them with the concept you made. You absolutely don’t want to put Comic Sans on the book cover of thrilling horror series. When you’re designing, pay attention to the typography hierarchy too – when to use the first heading, second, third and so on. Want an example? You really don’t want to have a book cover design like this.

Image by billleonebookseller

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What do you think about these book cover design tips? Is it helpful? Drop a comment on the box below. (zlf/gaekon)

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