Yet Another Ad Has Been Pulled Off For Being Too Disgusting. See It Yourself

Another brand has landed in hot water because of its new campaign. Around the same time McDonald’s yanked its latest ad for supposedly exploiting childhood bereavement, Skittles also pulled off its own ad which they put out on YouTube in honor of this year’s Mother’s Day.

The commercial focuses on a mother and her son who are very close to each other. The weird part of the whole thing is, they’re connected by overgrown umbilical cord, allowing the son to taste the Skittles his mother eats.

The video was deemed too disgusting by many viewers, who left so tons of negative reviews in the comment section as well as on social media like Twitter. “Good job Skittles, you have just made Skittles an extreme turn-off for me,” one Twitter user complained. “@Skittles Mother’s Day ad by @DDBChicago was so cringeworthy. Like how was this approved for launch?” another added.

In response to the backlash, Skittles eventually took down the video from YouTube. Wringley Company, who was behind the ad, also issued an explanation, saying, “We made this video for every mum who likes gross jokes, and we’re taking it down for every mum who doesn’t. Happy Mother’s Day.”

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